Brent Bauer

Brent Bauer has been a student of organizational development and leadership for the past 30 years. Prior to forming Bauer Leadership Consulting Group, Brent worked in the commercial printing industry serving companies in New York, Atlanta, Orlando, and Brimingham markets. His passion is to help business leaders add-value to their organizations by identifying key growth areas in their own leadership and management approach, while also helping them set and achieve development goals in all areas of leadership, so that they can help their organizations reach the next level. Brent is a proud affiliate of The John Maxwell Team, serving as a certified speaker, leadership trainer, and professional coach.

7. Great Leaders Raise Awareness
20. Great Leaders Multiply

Kate Dunn
Director for the InfoTrends Business Development Service

Kate Dunn works with organizations around the world to achieve specific marketing and sales objectives. Kate is an award-winning leader in relevant, cross-channel marketing, regularly shares her expertise at industry events across the United States as well as abroad. Having published more than 30 case studies since 2003, Kate is a recognized leader in the strategic development and execution of personally relevant B2B, B2C marketing programs and employee communication.

2. Walking the Walk, Lead Generation
10.Today’s Direct Mail
15. The Sales Differentiation
23. Use Social Media to Differentiate Your Sales Strategy

Skip Grant
President, Skip Grant Productions

Skip Grant is an internationally known wide format industry leader that has guided and motivated dealers, franchises, manufacturers and end-users from around the world. In the past 32 years, he has dedicated himself and his employees to helping thousands of companies implement digital printing & cutting capabilities in the sign, screenprint, label and digital printing industries. As an industry expert, business owner, consultant and motivational speaker- his energy, purpose and passion for what he does is evident in his authentic style of teaching and inspiring people about the incredible opportunities with digital print & cut technology. He can be reached at 800-Ask-Skip (800-275-7547) or skip@skipgrantproductions.com

3. 100 Ways to Make Money with Wide Format
16. Print on Anything
20. Wide Format Done Easy: Sell More, Save Time & Reduce Stress for Increased Profits

Greg Heald
Training Manager, American Graphics Institute (AGI)

Greg Heald has more than 20 years of practical design and production experience in both Web and Print environments. He has served as a contributing author or editor on a number of books, including the recently-published Illustrator CC Digital Classroom, Real World Adobe Acrobat, and several in the Classroom in a Book series for Adobe Press. Greg is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, and has contributed to the development of Adobe’s certification exams. With more than a decade of experience as a professional software instructor, he has provided in-depth training for such prominent clients as Verizon, L.L. Bean, and Reebok. Greg holds a degree in Advertising Design from the acclaimed College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud: New Features & Productivity Enhancers
4. InDesign Essential Techniques
8. Designer’s Power Hour
11. InDesign for print, web & tablet: Real world production workflows
13. Adobe Acrobat & PDF print production techniques
17. Illustrator Print Production Tips & tricks
21. Coding  Essentials: Fundamentals of Website Coding
23. InDesign Print Production Techniques

Dave Hunter
Founder, Principal of Pilot Marketing Group

David Hunter has been helping companies control and manage their color for over 30 years, primarily in the Graphic Arts and Photography market places. He has been teaching the 5 day Implementing Color Management Course at the PIA/GATF Graphic Arts Technical Foundation since its inception in 1996, and Founded the PIA Color Management Conference in 1999. He is also the Project manager for the IDEAlliance/IPA Color Management Certification (CMP) program, the first program available on the Internet to teach and certify professionals on Color Control topics. He was in the original GRACoL G7 Experts and is one of five G7 Master Trainers in the world and has been on the GRACoL committee since 2001. David has researched all of the Color Management Profiling software programs as well as all of the measurement devices on the market. He has an extensive background in how all the major desktop and workflow applications work with ICC Profiles and has helped numerous companies implement color control products and procedures. His lectures and seminars are very interactive, with a lot of actual, hands on usage of building and applying ICC Profiles. If you are attempting to transition to digital color, his seminars will help illuminate the process and help you understand the tools that are available to save you weeks and months of trial and error during your transition. His company, Pilot Marketing Group is set up to be the G7/ISO resource for consultants and dealers across North America.

6. Turn Your Old Press into New
19. Color Matching Across any Print Process and Substraight

Jennifer Smith
Author, Vice President, American Graphics Institute (AGI)

Jennifer Smith is a noted web and graphics technology expert. She is the author of more than one dozen books on digital imaging and Web publishing, including Photoshop CC Digital Classroom, and the Adobe Creative Suite CC Design Premium for Dummies. She has done extensive work for corporations such as Adobe Systems and Microsoft, and last year traveled more than 100,000 miles visiting clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, and all around the United States. Jennifer also works extensively on UX Design and the creation of interactive applications and sites, and is co-founder of AGI Training. Visit JenniferSmith.com or follow Jennifer on Twitter @jsmithers to learn more.


1. Adobe Creative Cloud: New Features & Productivity Enhancers
5. Design Fundamentals that Everyone Can Use
9. Photoshop CC: Essential Techniques
12. Effective UX Design Tools: Concept to Visual Design
14. Photoshop Print Production Tips & Tricks
18. Designing Art for Print and Web with the Creative Cloud
22. Getting Creative with Illustrator & Photoshop